Plastic as we all know is terribly bad for the environment, ocean and animal life owing to it’s resistance to decompose. As a result of this, it accumulates causing negative effects on our eco–system. We knew there has to be an alternative. That was when we came up with the idea to manufacture and distribute a new, revolutionary line of sustainable products to keep our environment, clean, green and plastic free. Once we came up with the basic idea, we then had to narrow down our first target and we decided to start of with basic utensils or accessory utensils.  On  conceptualisation  of  the  idea,  two  years  ago,  we  started  tirelessly researching  about  alternatives  to  plastic  and  found  out  that  Areca  leaf,  is probably  one  of  the  best  alternatives  we  have  at  this  point  in  time.  After meticulous planning and research, we finally set up a new manufacturing unit, BHUMI   –   based   out   of   India,   our   products   meet   the   international   quality standards through optimised manufacturing process with hygienic conditions, trained personnel and QA Systems.

The products so produced, are from the remains of the Areca tree making our brand a 100% chemical free and zero waste. The Areca leaves – once dried fall of the  tree,  post  harvesting.  

These  leaves  are  then  collected  and  converted  into plates, that are sturdy, leak proof, clean, chemical free and eco–friendly. This is the first  step  in  our  efforts  to  make  the  world  plastic  free. The  areca  products manufactured in our company are distributed throughout India and some Middle Eastern countries. Our P h D unit is working tirelessly to help us manufacture other eco–friendly products.

Millions of tons of plastic are used every day in Singapore with no viable alternatives available. That is when we founded VPUKSHA. A company that deals in the sale and distribution of eco–friendly biodegradable products. VRUKSHA PTE. LTD is a wholesale supplier of best quality corn–starch products, Arecanut products and other eco–friendly single–use tableware’s like areca plates, areca bowls, cornstarch straws, corn starch bags and many other products mainly from India. We are main¦y working with FhB industry using single use plastics to reduce their carbon footprint. We believe in “Doing well by Doing good” and have chosen to manufacture and sell only eco–friendly products Through our brand “Vruksha”

Our Vision

Our Vision is to become the leading supplier of bio–degradable products in Singapore. We also aspire to grow and push our boundaries outside of Singapore. Our aim is to make the use of plastic obsolete one day.

Our Mission

Our company supplies bio–gradable products. Our objective is to make planet earth greener by eradicating the use of plastic products in the FhB industry. We plan to reach this objective by selling bio–degradable products made up of natural, sustainable resources that do not harm our planet Earth in any way.

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