Bio Compostable Plastics

Bio compostable plastics made from renewable, biodegradable corn–starch.The decomposition of the corn–starch product should be at the same rate as paper and should break down into harmless material such as water, carbon dioxide, or biomass which is an organic matter.

Bio compostable plastic will not produce any toxic substances while it decomposes.It will also break down to the point that it cannot be discerned or filtered out of the surrounding compost. PLA plastics cannot be recycled. They must be composted

Advantages of our corn–starch products–

  • No toxic chemicals associated with conventional plastic (such as polyvinyl chloride or dioxin)
  • Eco–friendly (made from a renewable resource and less wasteful)
  • Durable
  • Especially well–suited for cold applications, such as in the freezer (this is good news, since chemicals from conventional plastic tend to leach into food when frozen)
  • After use, these plant–based straws can be disposed of in your city composting facility where they will decompose and become food for your garden

Bio Degradeble small Carry Bags

Bio Degradeble Garbage Bags

Bio Degradeble Carry Bags

Bio Degradeble Transparent Straws

Bio Degradeble Black Straws

Bio Degradeble Water Drinking Glass